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India is larger than life. It is a hospitable country founded upon a breathtaking matrix of languages, customs and religions ~ a sea of humanity where a thousand behaviors breathe as a single nation. India’s appeal begins in the past and present of Rajasthan’s palaces and royalty, deserts and fortresses, lumbering camels and graceful dancers in colorful saris. For those who seek inner peace, the sacred waters of the Ganges beckon, and pilgrimage to the holy city of Varanasi becomes a quest and a must. Sultry southern India enchants with its swaying palm trees, mysterious temples, and the white-sand beaches of the Indian Ocean. In the midst of all this, the Bengal tiger remains elusive in Ranthambhore National Park. To the north at the foot of the majestic Himalaya, the magic of the “hidden” Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan lies in wait for those who seek her serenity. Next door in Nepal, the search goes on for the fabled Shangri-La, while the world’s tallest mountains never cease to entice and enthrall. Feast your eyes and hearts on the mysterious, charming, complex subcontinent of India. Whether it’s the smile of a child or the power of the Taj Mahal, a journey through India will render you a changed person.

One Dreamy Trip: India the 2nd Time Around

. . . or 3rd or 4th. On this re-visit to India, we're on a mission of pure pleasure. This time we're here to indulge in those things we didn't get enough of the first time - the iconic garden, the pool, the Spa, the intriguing music, authentic cuisine, the brilliant shopping arcades and playful architecture, the compelling otherworldliness. Following a splurge in Mumbai and romantic Udaipur, we'll head up into the clouds to seek the serenity of Ananda, then finish off our lofty journey by paying our respects to Nepal.

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A Trip through Colonial Sri Lanka

Long after the sun has finally set on the British Empire, pockets of colonial romance and elegance continue to flourish on the isle of Sri Lanka. This trip transports you back to the days of the East India Company and British Raj, where antique ceiling fans stirred lazily in the heat, wicker chairs nestled among palm trees, and striped shadows of light made by louvered doors lay gently on shaded verandas. This agreeable getaway provides a perfect taste of Sri Lanka and ideally complements pre- or post-cruise OR a visit to the nearby Maldives.

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Retrace History with Peter Hillary - in Comfort

This could be the most amazing journey across the Himalaya short of walking it - says acclaimed mountaineer Peter Hillary. Nearly 40 years  after making a historic trek across the roof of the world, he is thrilled to be revisiting the route - this time swapping tents for warm hotels and harrowing treks for comfortable transfers by road and air. Care to join us?

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Incredible, Immersive India

A once-in-a-lifetime not-to-be-missed journey ~ intense, soulful, colorful, musical, magical .. a one-of-a-kind destination! This is surely the way to visit India ~ for the ultimate and most authentic experience!

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India Family Discovery

Bursting with wild colors, mind-spinning complexity, and a roiling, exuberant humanscape, India is a thrilling and wonderfully different travel destination. We’ve carefully developed this itinerary to reveal some of northern India’s most compelling urban sights and tucked-away countryside treasures, all the while keeping you and your family well fed and rested, happily entertained, and altogether at ease.

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Big Cats of India

Ker & Downey’s ultimate Luxury India Tiger Safari dives into the dramatic mystique and jungle wildlife of India with audacious abandon. Tailor-made and all-encompassing, this 19-day Big Cat safari seeks out all of India’s most iconic sites, from the elusive tigers to an eco-luxury Leopard Camp.

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The Island Nation Just South of India

Welcome to the romance of SRI LANKA - an enchanting seaside holiday with a dash of delightful history and a big splash of cultural spice! Formerly Ceylon and before this, the isle of Serendipity, Sri Lanka dwells in the Indian Ocean. Famous for its ancient Buddhist sites and tea plantations, its biodiversity ranges from rainforest and arid plains to lush highlands and spectacular sandy beaches.

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Treasures of the Rajasthan plus the Pushkar Fair

Explore kaleidoscopic India! See contrasting Old and New Delhi, and - with any luck - the elusive Bengal Tiger. Experience the Taj Mahal at sunrise and sunset, the Aarti ceremony in Varanasi, an elephant safari in Jaipur, and a boat-ride on placid Lake Pichola. AND attend the colorful Pushkar Fair. This comprehensive 17-day itinerary encompasses India at its richest! 

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Sri Lanka Explorer

This 12-day Sri Lanka exploration is organized as a Private Journey, on dates of your choice. The tour takes in all the natural and cultural treasures of Sri Lanka from its ancient cities to its tropical jungles, verdant mountains and pristine coast. Explore its 8 World Heritage Sites and its richness - from tea country and Dutch villas to balmy beaches!

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Myanmar & Sri Lanka - An Exceptional Odyssey

One glorious sojourn encompassing the Far East & Indian Subcontinent: Journey to untouched Myanmar, then move on to explore mystical Sri Lanka with an extended stay on the magnificent beaches of Wadduwa.

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In Search of the Elusive Bengal Tiger . . in Depth

This 13-night itinerary is an unmatched wildlife safari experience, in which you can experience the stunning and captivating natural parks of Central India and discover the Royal Bengal Tiger’s natural habitat - in the comfort of India's most elegant safari lodges and camps. 

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Soak up the Peaceful Ambience of Bhutan

. . . and the best way to do this is on foot!  Bhutan is a trekker's paradise. Read more . . . 

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India's Golden Triangle & The Sacred Ganges

To travel through India is to encounter a country that is more complex and beguiling than perhaps any other — profoundly mysterious, gloriously exotic, seemingly infinite, and absolutely unforgettable. A brilliant program for the culturally curious brought to you by Uniworld Boutique River Cruise Collection

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Customize Your Journey

Explore these suggestions. Then personalize your own itinerary. Select your dates, choose additional destinations, modify hotel selections, add activities, tours, and anything else on your list. The choice is yours! We will prepare your ideal custom-designed journey with pricing based upon your travel dates and the number of persons in your party.

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