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India is larger than life. It is a hospitable country founded upon a breathtaking matrix of languages, customs and religions ~ a sea of humanity where a thousand behaviors breathe as a single nation. India’s appeal begins in the past and present of Rajasthan’s palaces and royalty, deserts and fortresses, lumbering camels and graceful dancers in colorful saris. For those who seek inner peace, the sacred waters of the Ganges beckon, and pilgrimage to the holy city of Varanasi becomes a quest and a must. Sultry southern India enchants with its swaying palm trees, mysterious temples, and the white-sand beaches of the Indian Ocean. In the midst of all this, the Bengal tiger remains elusive in Ranthambhore National Park. To the north at the foot of the majestic Himalaya, the magic of the “hidden” Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan lies in wait for those who seek her serenity. Next door in Nepal, the search goes on for the fabled Shangri-La, while the world’s tallest mountains never cease to entice and enthrall. Feast your eyes and hearts on the mysterious, charming, complex subcontinent of India. Whether it’s the smile of a child or the power of the Taj Mahal, a journey through India will render you a changed person.

Soak up the Peaceful Ambience of Bhutan

Bhutan - A Hiker's Paradise!

A breathtaking flight over the Himalayan range whisks us to the hidden Dragon Kingdom of Bhutan for twelve wonderful days, during which we hike to the incomparable Tiger’s Nest, visit local artisans, and soak up the peaceful ambience in masterfully built dzong. On this particularly paradisiacal trip we take advantage of the kingdom’s eye-caressing landscapes with a series of day hikes in some of its loveliest valleys: Paro, Thimphu, Punakha and Phobjikha. And each night we’ll stay in a delightful hotel, guesthouse, or local lodge, forgoing the pleasures of camping for the equal pleasures of Bhutanese hospitality and comfort. The only country in South Asia without a population problem, Bhutan offers the rare chance for escapading in intact landscapes with surprisingly up-to-date amenities close at hand. And the wandering is glorious: wildflowers bursting with life, snow peaks in the distance, idyllic farmhouses, cheery folks waving ~ and in the spring, swirling fields of rhododendrons and in the fall, visits from rare black-necked cranes.

Itinerary at a Glance 

Day 1: arrive in Paro 
Day 2:
hiking in Paro
Day 3:
drive to Punakha
Day 4:
hiking in Punakha
Day 5:
drive to the Phobjikha Valley
Day 6:
hiking in Phobjikha
Day 7: 
drive to Wangdiphodrang
Day 8:
drive to Thimphu
Day 9:
hiking in Thimphu
Day 10:
return to Paro
Day 11:
explore Paro, hike to Taktsang
Day 12: 
depart Paro                                                                                                                              

Bask in the warm hospitality and dazzling smiles of the Bhutanese people.
Storybook farmhouses, rich dzong architecture and distant snow-capped peaks.

Begin and end in historic Paro Valley, one of the country's most idyllic settings.

A Cultural Tour with Day Hiking - Small Group Travel

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