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Any natural-born dreamer has aspired to sail "around the world". That dream can easily come true and is here for the taking - now more affordably and with more choices than ever before. Let us show you the way. We know which ships, suites, staterooms, programs, and itineraries will best ensure what you have in mind. We want your once-in-a-lifetime experience on the high seas to be just as thrilling and romantic as you've envisioned. That "one day" or "some day" is today!

Cunard's Three Queens - World Voyages 2018

World Cruise - 2018 Highlights

A Full World Cruise remains one of the world's great travel experiences.

Lasting from 89 to 132 nights a Cunard World Voyage represents one of life’s great travel adventures. The magic of travelling among the world’s iconic destinations on board some of the world’s most luxurious ships simply cannot be matched.

It's a vacation choice that offers the opportunity to explore everything from bustling metropolises to remote villages over the course of more than three months, all from the comfort of your ship.

Our THREE Queens all set sail in January, bound for different parts of the globe - each promising an unforgettable journey that will take in many of the world's most iconic destinations. To spend three months or more seeking out incredible places always creates a reason for excitement. Along the way on each of our World Cruises, you'll encounter extraordinary destinations like San Francisco, Hong Kong, the Great Barrier Reef and many other fascinating destinations.

Queen Mary 2 2018 World Voyage
Southampton to Southampton - 120 nights - Jan 2018
January 3 to May 17, 2018 on board Queen Mary 2

Queen Mary 2’s epic circuit captures the imagination of each of the four continents she showcases. It is a route which strikes a harmonious balance between utter relaxation and thrilling discovery. Three of her 45 calls are maiden visits, which means that these ports of call will welcome Her for the very first time.

120 nights itinerary:
45 ports in 23 countries
3 maiden calls
3 overnight stays - Cape Town, Hong Kong, Dubai


Queen Elizabeth 2018 World Voyage
Southampton to Southampton - 122 nights - Jan 2018
January to May, 2017 on board Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth’s circumnavigation leads you west over the Atlantic to the Americas, the first stop of your classic world voyage. You’ll then sail through the Panama Canal and on to Asia, and finally to the natural beauty of South Africa before returning to Southampton.

122 nights itinerary:
39 ports in 25 countries
6 maiden calls
5 overnight stays - New York, San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong, Cape Town


Queen Victoria 2018 South America Exotic Voyage
Southampton to Southampton - 75 nights - Jan 2018
January 7 to March 23, 2018 on board Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria’s South America Exotic Voyage will take you for a leisurely adventure that places South America into the spotlight. It is a new roundtrip Southampton 75-night circumnavigation of South America, including the Caribbean, Central America and the Panama Canal.

75 nights itinerary:
21 ports in 13 countries
9 maiden calls
2 overnight stays - Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires

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